Separated Parents Information Programme (SPIP)

We are Approved Providers of Cafcass’ Separated Parents Information Programme.

This is a course for parents who are separated and/or divorced and are undergoing court proceedings. Sometimes couples find it impossible to put aside their differences and concentrate on what’s best for their children. This course helps parents focus on their children’s needs and explains the effect of ongoing conflict on children. It helps parents understand the separation process- both practically and emotionally and gives support and advice on how to continue parenting together after separation.

How can I attend?

Although until now this contact activity has only been by Court Order, the programme is now available for everyone considering separation or divorce, or in the middle of proceedings.  If Court ordered this course is free of charge, for all others please click factsheet full cost for details.

When and where?

We hold 3 courses per month at our offices in Twickenham. Each course lasts 4 hours and is offered in 1×4 hour session with a break for lunch.

Courses are held midweek and on Saturdays.

After SPIP – ‘Next Steps’ meeting

Many people having attended a SPIP want to find a way of resolving their differences out of court and to start communicating again for the sake of their children. Mediation offers the ideal way for couples to negotiate together with the help of a neutral mediator. Sometimes parents may not be ready to enter mediation straightaway and they may be unsure how to face their former partner again with a view to discussing and agreeing matters.

We are able to offer an hour long meeting with both parents to reflect on what they have learnt from the SPIP and to identify what they want to do differently to make things work better for their children.

These meetings are charitably funded.

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