What is a MIAM?

A MIAM is  Mediation Information Assessment Meeting.  You may choose to come to this initial meeting  separately or together with your ex partner.  A MIAM meeting may be court ordered and you are required to attend with a view to deciding if mediation might be suitable for you.  Alternatively if you wish to apply to court regarding child contact/parenting issues you will also be required to attend a MIAM before proceeding, if after this meeting mediation is not deemed to be suitable you or your solicitor will be issued an FM1 form.

After that if both of you and the mediator decide to go ahead with mediation, a joint meeting is arranged for you.

You will be asked to sign our agreement to mediate and you will be sent a summary of each session you attend.  As you make joint decisions in the mediation sessions, they are written down and can be turned into legal documents by your solicitors, if both of you agree.

Mediation generally takes between 3-5 sessions of an hour and a half each depending on the issues to be resolved.

Mediation is a voluntary process and can be stopped at any time by either party or the mediator if it is felt appropriate.

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