About MiD

MiD has been offering mediation to separating and divorcing couples since 1983.  The service was founded by a group of legal professional people who saw the need for a non-adversarial approach to divorce and separation.

We specialise in the field of family breakdown, with our main focus on the children who are caught, through no fault of their own, in the middle of family conflict.

Our counselling services for both adults and children originally evolved from the needs of our mediation clients and their families.  We aim to reduce conflict, misunderstanding and bitterness so the effects on children are reduced.  Over the years our service has grown and we now offer counselling to around 40 adults and 150 children per year.

We also offer Family Bridges work which is a time limited family support project, for families involved in court hearings and for those who have  specific issues to be addressed.

Our mediators and counsellors are all highly trained and experienced and receive monthly professional supervision.

We are affiliated to National Family Mediation and are contracted to the Legal Aid Agency for family mediation.  We have their highest, specialist quality award.

We also provide housing mediation services to local authority housing departments to help prevent the eviction of young people from their family homes due to family conflict. We also offer community mediation either privately or through a Housing Association.

MiD is a registered charity no. 1076166 and a limited company no. 3785436

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